Thursday, October 1, 2009

Illustration Friday: PATTERN

Hello everybody! This is my first post and my first entry for Illustration Friday. Hope that everybody can enjoy my blog. Welcome.! senyum

The topic for this week is pattern, and this is the fly's eye-view pattern. So, this is how the fly see us. I wonder if i could see like a fly, I must be feeling very dizzy..
The hard part of the process is drawing the same faces over and over again, traditionally. It must be easier if I've made it digitally. But I want to challenge myself. Recently, I feel that I'm depending too much to the technology.

Thanks for watching..


  1. Great drawing Shirley! And great idea.

  2. This is a very good idea and a lovely illustration!

  3. Welcome! This is very beautiful...I like the composite view from the fly's eye. That's a lot of work and really cool :)

  4. This is a beautiful first submission! Well done. I love it.

  5. This is fantastic ! Love your idea ! wellcome to IF, I´ll be visiting you !